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How To Manage Burnout

Workloads seem to be at an all-time high. I share with clients that I can relate -- I know it feels painful!

The good news is that you probably have some choice. A mentor once said to me, "If you don't create space to do strategic work, it'll never happen. There will never be a perfect time."

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Two levers to manage burnout

How to manage burnout - supply and demand

To tackle burnout, we can look at both our supply and the demand. To increase supply, look at which Maslow hierarchy of needs need some attention. To decrease demand, try to fill each box on the impact urgency matrix.

How else can I manage burnout?

  • Alignment with our values - Contemplate how you've spent your time over the past week; does it reflect what's important to you?

  • Recovering perfectionist? - the truth is that not all work requires careful focus. For me, reviewing emails was draining so I did that while eating lunch and more intensive activities in the morning.

  • Outsider perspective - ask someone outside of your work environment to challenge your thoughts. Having an objective sounding board can be really liberating.

  • Circles of influence - List the items causing you stress and place them in the relevant circle.


Chris Duffy leads Amplify Leadership Partners, a leadership consulting and coaching firm with expertise in retaining and motivating talent to achieve organizational success. He received his master's in Organizational Psychology with a specialization in Change Management from Columbia University. He's based in Connecticut and works with clients nationwide.

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