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Team work

Amplify My Team
Talent Management

Problems You May Be Facing: 
  • Preserving valued culture amidst acquisition by a larger company 

  • Challenges in integrating teams with diverse tenure and geographic locations, and fostering engagement in virtual teams

  • Too much to do and not enough time with team members not meeting their workload

  • Concerns about top talent leaving the organization, putting you in a tough spot

What we can help with
  • Employee engagement, burnout, retention

  • Onboarding

  • Performance goal setting and appraisals 

  • Leadership development

  • Succession planning and talent management

  • Org culture and team building

  • Change management 

What We Do to Maximize Team Performance and Potential 

We help by focusing on creating and leading teams that have the capacity to self-actualize and be greater than the sum of their parts. New insights into each participant’s leadership style will be realized. External resources that managers can use to improve their teams’ productivity will be shared. We will also discuss the importance of the exchange of social interactions. Our approach will be dynamic and multimodal, with an appropriate mix of lecture, adult learning methods, small group case study, and large group reflection. This will model for participants effective ways to lead high achieving teams.

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