• Everyone has a higher gear

    Leadership Development

  • The What

    Help others - individuals and organizations - realize their own great potential

    Personal Business Advising

    The Individual Level: Executive Coaching

    Increase leadership impact & effectiveness, better accomplish goals, and achieve personal & professional growth through an objective, confidential sounding board

    Organizational Consulting

    The Organizational Level: Org Development (OD) + Effectiveness

    Elevate performance & profile, enable change readiness for the rapidly-changing world, and improve employee satisfaction and morale of entire organization through consulting partnership

  • The Who


    Varied interests Chris has: a volunteer firefighter & EMT, ice hockey diehard, and with social identities that are both privileged and not. A proud alum of Columbia and Drexel. Cut his teeth in leadership at GE and numerous leadership roles at Travelers. A leadership and psychology geek, he's coached the young and young at heart, the aspiring leader and leader with decades of experience, and experts in virtually all sectors. His consulting engagements have focused on improving org effectiveness, employee morale, leadership succession, and talent development.

  • The How: Unique Approach


    Your Expertise

    You bring your expertise in knowing yourself, your line of work, and your organization


    My Expertise

    I bring my expertise in leadership, talent, change, and organizational dynamics, collect quantitative and qualitative data from numerous sources, and present my point of view



    Together we establish a meaningful relationship, discuss the strengths and development areas, and agree on a go-forward plan



    You gain a significant advantage that lasts

  • The Why: Your ROI

    Every client is unique ... and I guarantee the quality & impact of my work to each one

    Personal Advising

    Value you receive:
    • Increased introspection, personal & professional growth, improved interpersonal relationships
    • Better work-life balance, comfort level with ambiguity, resilience
    • Multiple valid and reliable psychometric assessments (e.g. Hogan, MBTI, FIRO-B, etc.)
    • 360 feedback interviews
    • In-person, video conference, phone | weekly, bi-weekly, monthly meetings
    • Pay only for duration desired (3-6 month minimum is, however, suggested to have greater impact)

    Your investment for these benefits: Ranging from $200-700/month & up, depending which approaches make most sense for YOUR amplification.

    Org Consultation

    Benefits to your organization:

    • We'll define goals and metrics that will be accomplished through our work
    • Your organization will better meet its goals & employees will be more engaged
    • Design and execution of comprehensive all-employee engagement survey
    • In-person, video conference, phone | weekly, bi-weekly, monthly meetings
    • Direct observation or attendance at existing leadership meetings
    Your organization's investment: Generally in the $500-$1,000/month range, tied to a percentage of the goals that will be achieved.
  • Let's Partner